Jane Austen: Frippery Edition

The aim of the Frippery Edition is to produce freely available ebook versions of some of Jane Austen’s manuscripts. Unlike a scholarly work it does not attempt to trace the development of the text; and unlike a popular edition it tries to avoid gratuitous editorial changes.

The project arose from my dissatisfaction with the existing free ebooks of these works:

My plan therefore was to produce ebooks with the following characteristics:

I recognise the result is very much a niche product. In the current jargon it probably has a Total Addressable Market in the low single digits. Indeed, to judge from the number of downloads, the market may already be saturated.

This work relies heavily on previous transcriptions of the text. It is particularly indebted to the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts Digital Edition. This provides access to images of the manuscripts of many of Austen’s works. The text of the Frippery Edition has been carefully compared to these images.

The following sets have been published:

Unfinished Novels

For ebooks of the six major Austen novels I heartily recommend Standard Ebooks.

Ron Yorston
5th May 2024