Release Notes

busybox-w32 version FRP-4487-gd239d2d52 was released on 2021-10-18. It is the current release. For other release notes see:

Background jobs

The shell in busybox-w32 has always supported the use of background jobs. For example, sleep 10 & runs the sleep applet in the background. This release adds a number of features to improve support for background jobs.

Note that this support only extends to background jobs started with the & control operator. busybox-w32 still doesn't support job control using ctrl-z or the fg and bg builtins.

Line endings in vi

The vi text editor in busybox-w32 now supports limited versions of the fileformats and fileformat options from vim. They can be abbreviated to ffs and ff respectively.

When a file is opened for edit vi checks its line endings. If only linefeeds are detected fileformat is set to unix, otherwise it's set to dos. Files are written with line endings appropriate to their fileformat. Thus the format of Unix-style files is preserved.

fileformats defaults to dos,unix but can be changed to unix,dos. This only affects the file type allocated when an empty edit buffer is created.

(GitHub issue #220)

Bug fixes and enhancements

Changes imported from upstream

busybox-w32 has been synchronised with upstream BusyBox. As a result the following bug fixes and enhancements are available (among many others):