What's new

This page contains a record of changes to the web site. If you've already visited this site you'll find a quick summary of changes here, so you don't need to check all the pages for updates.

25th May 1998

I've made some changes to Jasmin so that backslash escape sequences and Unicode escape sequences are handled. These changes allow the new swingopt script to optmise a handful of class files which previously caused a Jasmin error.

Following up on some ideas from Neil Rashbrook at Parkway Computer Consultants I've added a couple of optimisations: merging of neighbouring string literals and chained assignments.

I'm now using JDK 1.1.5 and Swing 1.0.2. The results for the optimisation of Swing have been updated.

15th March 1998

Thanks to Kuo Chiang for pointing out that the 'superfluous return' optimisation may not work in the general case. It has been removed from the rules file.

I've added support for booleans and local objects to the 'store followed by fetch' optimisation.

A new optimisation has been added: 'explicit test of boolean'.

The results for the optimisation of Swing have been updated to take account of the new optimisations.