p2kfuse - a FUSE filesystem for Motorola P2K mobile phones

This is a FUSE filesystem to make it possible to mount certain models of Motorola mobile phone under Linux. To use it you'll need to have FUSE, libusb and p2kmoto installed on your system. FUSE and libusb are probably available as part of your Linux distribution. p2kmoto is less common. It's part of moto4lin. You'll need the most recent version from SVN as it has some improvements over the released version.

For convenience I've packaged p2kmoto. The source RPM includes some patches.

p2kfuse is also available from the same place:

p2kfuse needs to have access to the mobile phone. You can manage this by running it as root, but that isn't a terribly good idea. There are a couple of other approaches:

Once p2kfuse is installed you can mount your phone as a filesystem with a command like:

   p2kfuse /mnt/phone

and unmount it with:

   fusermount -u /mnt/phone

There are a number of limitations to this program. Documentation on how to access files in Motorola mobile phones is hard to come by, so it isn't clear how many of these limitations are fundamental and how many are due to the p2kmoto library.

Here are some things to note:

Ron Yorston
27th April 2008