Release Notes

busybox-w32 version FRP-5301-gda71f7c57 was released on 2024-02-21. It is the current release. For other release notes see:

Windows on ARM

This release includes a binary for the aarch64 processor architecture used in Windows on ARM: busybox64a.exe. It should support all the same features (and bugs) as the releases for other architectures.

(GitHub issues #206, #380)

httpd applet

Some improvements have been made to the web server applet, httpd: (GitHub issue #266)

Building with clang

As part of the work to generate the Windows on ARM binary it was necessary to allow busybox-w32 to be built with the clang compiler. Previously only gcc was supported.

This doesn't only affect the aarch64 architecture: it's also possible to use clang for i686 and x86_64.

Some information on how to build busybox-w32 binaries is available in the new Building busybox-w32 page.

(GitHub issue #239)

Bug fixes and enhancements

Changes imported from upstream

busybox-w32 has been synchronised with upstream BusyBox. There are only a few changes and most don't affect the Windows port.