Release Notes

busybox-w32 version FRP-4882-g6e0a6b7e5 was released on 2023-02-15. It is the current release. For other release notes see:

make applet

The experimental make applet has been updated to match upstream version 1.4.1 (release notes).

File metadata

The never-ending quest to make file ownership and permissions seem more like Unix continues.

Line terminators

Unix and Microsoft Windows use different line terminators: line feed (LF) in Unix and carriage return plus line feed (CRLF) in Windows. Upstream BusyBox mostly targets Linux so it assumes the Unix convention. busybox-w32 targets Windows so it has to allow for native files and utilities using CRLF line terminators. This requires changes to the code and can be problematic.

Some recent developments in this area:

Bug fixes and enhancements

Changes imported from upstream

busybox-w32 has been synchronised with upstream BusyBox.

Most changes this time don't affect busybox-w32. One that might be useful to somebody is that pkill -e displays the name and PID of the process being killed.